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Foley Magazine Artwork

When Foley magazine had a call out for artists I was lucky enough to have my submission accepted.They asked me to produce a work that included mushrooms, eyes, swirls and colour for their upcoming third issue. I thought you might be interested in the process I went through to create this artwork.

My first response was to draw up a rough sketch of what I might like to put on a canvas. I want the work to be abstract and trippy.

Next I used my sketch as a rough guide to draw up this sketch on the actual canvas, using charcoal pencil.

Now for the fun part! I begin adding colour and detail, using acrylic paint.

As the work progresses I experiment with various details, some stay and others are changed. I work intuitively, making decisions about colour and effects as I go.

By now the work has progressed quite a lot, but I decide to change the orange eye and some of the background details.

And here is the finished work! The entire process took about 2 weeks. Now I just wait in anticipation for Foley Mag to print it's third edition!

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