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Art Journal:
these are all works on thick paper using various mediums


trees entwined

Trees Entwined 2017

trees mountains cows cat figure dam

Landscape with Cows 2017

hills mountains tree fences

Landscape with Fences 2017

stars pen drawing

Stars 2017

pen drawing stars comet

Night Sky 2017

mountains trees water man in boat

Man In Boat 2017

tree mountains lake

Landscape with Lake 2017

patched landscape

Landscape 2017

organic topoghraphical lines

Topography 2017

swirling lines on a river

Swirling River 2017


figure naked meditating

Om 2017

funny face abstracted

Funny Face 2017

girl drinking through a straw

Upsized 2017


Clown 2017

nude woman at beach

Beach Babe 2017

crone old woman

Crone 2017

gnarly hand with ring

Gnarly Hand 2017

old man

 Old Man 2017

Cats recur throughout my artwork. They symbolize an independence spirit

cat flying through space in a box

Schrodinger's Cat 2017

cat at dinner bowl hungry

Hungry Cat 2017

cat on rug looking affronted

Affronted Cat 2017

cat on cushion yawning

 Yawning Cat on Cushion 2017

cat sitting on cushion

Cat on a Cushion 2017

cat on a rug

Self Satisfied Cat 2017

cat rubbing up against persons legs

Manipulative Cat 2017

cat on rug territorial

Territorial Cat 2017

cute cat on cushion

Cutesy Cat 2017

cat fish bowl fish

Innocent Cat 2017

slee[y cat draped over a womans shoulder

Sleepy Cat 2017

man holding cat

Vengeful Cat 2017

cat stretching

Cat Stretching 2017

cat eyeing a parrot in a cage

Murderous Cat 2017

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