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Forest Series

The Forest Series is an exploration through a primal landscape to find myself. It alludes to feelings of being ‘lost in the woods’. Forests are embedded in our collective unconscious, being mentioned as dark places of passage in stories going back millennia. Abandoning the well-worn path, I head deeper into the psychic landscape, with a determination to find my own way. Trekking through a dense forest I hear unrecognisable sounds, feel the presence of other creatures. There are hidden dangers and obstacles. The destination is concealed. Walking the path requires vigilance and action, with no choice but to be present in the moment.

trees forest

Forest Series 2023 acrylic on stretched canvas 150x80cm

bush trees horse headless horseman

The Headless Horseman 2023 acrylic on unstretched fabric 150x192cm

trees blue background

Into Blue 2023 oil on stretched

canvas 90x60cm

dark forest pathway

Dark Forest 2023 oil on unstretched canvas 105x185cm

trees psychedelic colours

Psychedelic Forest 2023 acrylic on unstretched fabric 55x142cm

ghost gums bush
trees footprints

Footprint 2023 acrylic on

unstretched fabric 150x50cm

trees landscape

Path 2023 oil on unstretched fabric 160x150cm

trees woodland dappled

Yellow Path 2023 oil on stretched canvas 105x185cm

figure entangled in undergrowth abstract

Entangled 2023 oil on stretched fabric 154x148cm

Ghost Gums 2023 acrylic on unstretched fabric 46x92cm

trees forest blue

Deep in the woods oil on stretched canvas 60x122cm

rainforest hidden figure

Rainforest 2022 oil on stretched canvas 91x122cm

trees blocking cave creatures lurking

 Cave 2023 acrylic on stretched canvas 90x80cm

Over the years I find myself circling back to the same themes. I went on many bushwalks with my dad as a child, so it is embedded in my psyche. Trees and forests have become part of my artistic language.

*This is just a small sample. A lot of my earlier work was undocumented.

figure lost in the woods

Lost in the Woods 2015 acrylic on

stretched canvas 90x120cm

forest at night with campfire and moon

Campfire 2020 oil on stretched  canvas


trees bush

Bush 2020 oil on stretched


trees fire

Forest Fire 2019 oil on

stretched canvas

dappled light amongst trees

Urban Woods 2020 oil on

stretched canvas 121x90cm

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