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For the birds

magpies swooping

Magpies 2022 oil on stretched canvas 60x50cm

swan and signets on a lake

Swans 2019 oil on stretched

canvas 91x45cm

Black Cockatoos 2018_edited.jpg

Black Cockatoos 2018 oil on stretched canvas 100x50cm

rainbow lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets 2020 oil on stretched canvas 28x28cm

rainbow lorikeets sitting in branches

Rainbow Lorikeets 2019 oil on

stretched canvas 30x20cm

Seagulls flying

Riding the Updraught 2020 oil on stretched canvas 76x76cm

Out in the Paddock

2020 Maggs The cow jumped over the moon_

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon 2021 oil on stretched canvas 80x100cm

cow standing in a paddock

Cow 2016 oil on stretched canvas 80x60cm

cows ready for milking

Dairy Queens 2017 oil on stretched

canvas 60cmh x 80cmw

kangaroos hopping along at sunset

Kangaroos 2021 oil 0n stretched canvas 30x22cm

kangaroos amongst trees on a hot day

Out in the Paddock 2018 oil on

stretched canvas 60x60cm

kangaroos in a paddock

*The buyer of Out in the Paddock requested I re-create the work so she could gift it to her sister, who loved the painting.

*Roo's 2022 oil on unstretched fabric 60x60cm


cranky cat sitting

Cedric 2020 oil & collage on stretched

canvas 30x30cm

cat on a cushion

Cat on a Cushion 2021 oil on stretched canvas 40x40cm

Night Prowler 2017_edited.jpg

Night Prowler 2017 oil on stretched canvas


cat with a rat stained glass effect

Cat with a Rat 2021 oil on stretched canvas 60x40cm


*All these beetles are painted in oil on canvas 15x15cm, others are on canvas board 17x12cm.

coloured beetle
black beetle
blue yellow beetle
green beetle
blue beetle red dots
golden beetle
many different coloured beetles
red beetle
yellow beetle with red dots
green and orange beetle
glassy beetle
red blue beetle
blue beetle
blue and red beetle
maroon beetle
white beetle

Beetlemania 2019 oil on stretched canvas 60x60cm

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